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ReliOn brand insulin is no longer made by Novo Nordisk, who had been responsible for producing the ReliOn insulins since 2000. [1][2] The ReliOn insulins are still offered in the same types, R, NPH, and 70/30 mix, but they are produced by Eli Lilly and branded as Humulin/ReliOn insulins. [3][4][5]

Remember that Novolin insulins have NOT been discontinued; these insulins are available as Novolin N, Novolin R, and Novolin 70/30. Only the ReliOn/Novolin branded insulins have been phased out.

A brand name for various pharmaceuticals sold by Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. Of primary interest to caregivers of pets with diabetes are their insulins--R, NPH and 70/30 mix--all made by Eli Lilly, ketone testing strips, syringes and insulin pen needles.

ReliOn also has U100 insulin syringes in 3 different sizes with a choice of needle length and gauge. [6][7] ReliOn brand ketone testing strips are another diabetes-related product. [8] These are made by Bayer (maker of Ketostix ketone urine test strips and Ketodiastix glucose and ketone urine test strips). [9]

ReliOn/Novolin insulinsEdit

Insulin bottles

ReliOn/Novolin insulins-left to right: ReliOn/Novolin R, ReliOn/Novolin N, and ReliOn/Novolin 70/30. Made by Novo Nordisk for Wal-Mart/Sam's Club.

ReliOn/Novolin Insulins:

This link [13] confirms that Novo Nordisk was the manufacturer of ReliOn insulins. [14]


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More InformationEdit

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